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I am a registered teacher 

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Fee and payment enquiries

What are the fees?

How do I make a payment?

What payment methods can I use?

I have been charged a late payment fee. Can I apply for a refund?

My registration is suspended. How can I have this suspension revoked?

Can I please get a tax receipt?

Renewal enquiries

I have renewed my registration, when will I receive my card?

What are my renewal requirements?

When do I have to renew?

How do I renew?

Non-practising teachers wishing to return to teaching

How do I log my PD hours?

I am experiencing technical difficulties with my renewal form.

National Police History Check (NPHC) enquiries

I cannot find the NPHC form.

What documents do I need to send the Institute to complete my 5-yearly NPHC?

How do I have a document certified?

How do I get documents certified while interstate or overseas?

Can I complete my NPHC when I return to Australia?

I have a current Working with Children Check, do I have to complete an NPHC?

MyVIT enquiries

How do I set-up my MyVIT account?

How do I login to MyVIT account?

I have forgotten my password. How do I get it reset?

I’ve forgotten my account number. How do I find it out?

I’ve forgotten the answers to my secret questions. How do I get into my account?

I want to change my contact details.

Provisional registration enquiries

How long is provisional registration granted for?

How do I reapply for provisional registration?

How do I apply for full registration?

Permission to teach (PTT) enquiries

How do I apply for PTT?

I have been advised that I no longer require PTT. Why?

Requirement for schools to advertise teaching positions

I’m not sure if I need permission to teach. When will I need PTT?

How long is permission to teach granted for?

I have held permission to teach before. What do I need to do?

English language competence requirements

Do I need PTT if I am only responsible for extra or co-curricular activities?

I want to cancel my registration

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