Request for exemption from the late fee

If you made your payment after 30 September 2017, the annual fee includes a late processing fee (see registered teacher fees).

We may consider exempting the late processing fee if you:

  1. have experienced extended ill health 
  2. were absent from Australia for the duration of the invoicing period (early August through to 30 September 2017).

If you believe you meet the criteria for an exemption, to ensure your registration is not delayed, we encourage you pay the fee and fill out the form below.

Request form

Please provide a description of the reasons you're applying for an exemption.
Please attach evidence to support your exemption application

We are unable to consider an exemption from the late processing fee if you:

  1. change your address but fail to notify us
  2. fail to receive the invoice by mail
  3. are experiencing financial hardship
  4. have no internet access.