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2020 Mentoring Programs and PRT Seminars

If you are provisionally registered, interested in mentoring provisionally registered teachers, or coordinating your mentors, find out when and where you can attend Mentoring programs, a Mentor Coordinators Workshop and PRT Seminars.

Mentoring Programs

If you are interested in mentoring provisionally registered teachers (PRTs), a number of programs and a new workshop will be available in 2020.

The Department of Education and Training (DET) will again offer cross sector access to their two-day Mentoring Program. VIT will work closely with DET, Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) and Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools in an effort to increase the reach of our mentoring training in 2020.

The Effective Mentoring Program

The Effective Mentoring Program (EMP) comprises a two-day professional learning program developed and delivered in partnership with the Department of Education and Training. The EMP is open to (fully) registered teachers working in government, Catholic and independent schools and early childhood services.

In 2020, there will be both separate and combined programs for school and early childhood mentors. The EMP content across two days is a blend of the skills and knowledge fundamental to mentoring and knowledge about the VIT process to move from provisional to (full) registration. 

If you have already completed a VIT-trained mentor program, refresher courses are available.

The EMP will be administered by Cambridge Education, who will be co-delivering the program with VIT on behalf of DET. 

Teachers interested in mentoring are required to attend both days. 

Book here.

Other mentoring programs

While teachers from all sectors are welcome to register for the Effective Mentoring Program, VIT has been working closely with Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools and Independent Schools Victoria to extend the reach of mentoring programs across Victoria.

For more information and to book, please contact Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools.

For more information and to book, please contact Independent Schools Victoria.

Mentor Coordinators Workshop

In response to feedback from our previous mentoring programs, VIT is offering the new Mentor Coordinator Workshop

This one day workshop is designed for mentors who manage multiple PRTs and other mentors in a supervisory role. The workshop will be held on Friday 6 March in the Melbourne CBD. 

Book here.

PRT Seminars

Each year VIT delivers PRT Seminars to provide provisionally registered teachers with information and resources to assist them in moving from provisional to (full) registration. The seminars cover

Seminars will be held from now until October 2020 in Victorian metropolitan and regional areas. Face-to- face seminars run from 4.30pm until 6.30pm, with registration starting from 3.30pm.

In 2020, VIT will also be hosting 10 online seminars, including 3 seminars dedicated to casual relief teachers (CRTs). Online seminars will commence at 4pm and finish at 5pm.

Book here.

Please note: Some seminars are already at capacity. VIT will endeavour to provide additional webinars for teachers who are not able to secure a spot.