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Applying for teacher registration as a mid-year graduate

Pre-service teachers can apply for teacher registration with VIT in the last few months before they are due to complete their ITE program. 

The VIT has an information sharing agreement for graduates of Victorian initial teacher education (ITE) courses and will receive evidence of course completion directly from your ITE provider. This means most Victorian graduates will not be asked for academic transcript, evidence of completion or supervised teaching practice as part of their application.

Your application will be finalised once this information is provided by the ITE provider.

APST Professional Practice

The VIT recommends that pre-service teachers apply for registration 1-3 months before their final results are released. Application fees are calculated based on expected completion date, not when the application is submitted.

Online application

Pre-service teachers must first set up a MyVIT account and then complete a series of modules as part of the application for provisional registration.

Read these handy tips before you complete your application.

You can also watch our how to complete an application video.

Useful Resource

When setting up your MyVIT account, we recommend using your personal email address. Your university email address will no longer be accessible once you have graduated.

Suitability to teach

When you apply for registration, you will need to provide evidence of your suitability to be a teacher. This will include giving consent for VIT to undertake a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC). You may not meet the suitability criteria if you have been charged, convicted or found guilty of a criminal offence under the laws of the country(ies) in which you currently or previously resided.

You can find out more by reading VIT’s suitability to teach policy.

Application assessment

Most applications take between 4-6 weeks to assess once all documentation has been submitted. In some cases, applications may be assessed more quickly. 

The length of time taken to assess an application depends on the type of application and each applicant's circumstances, and will only be fully assessed once all documentation has been provided. You can read more about the application assessment process here.

Most graduate teachers will have their applications assessed completely before evidence of course completion is received from their ITE provider. You will be sent an email confirming this is the case, and most applications will be finalised within 1-3 days of evidence of course completion being received by VIT.

Read more about registering as a graduate.

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