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Australian Education Awards 2020 Winners announced

Congratulations to registered Victorian teachers Donna Wright, who has been awarded Australian Principal of the year and Primary School Government Principal of the year, and Grenville Green for Primary School principal of the year Non-Government.

The Australian Education Awards is a leading independent awards event for the education profession. It celebrates the outstanding achievements of the country’s top performing schools, principals, department heads and teachers.

The winners and excellence awards were announced at a live virtual event on 26 November 2020.

VIT would like to congratulate the following Victorian winners.

Australian School Principal of the Year

Winner: Donna Wright - Bandiana Primary School

Primary school principal of the Year - Government

Winner: Donna Wright - Bandiana Primary School

  • Donna leads an inclusive school community. Her key philosophy is to teach children to be the best version of themselves, to be empowered through self-advocacy, to empower others and to have empathy.
  • Judges' comments include: 'An exceptional leader who has undertaken further study to improve her leadership- submission provided a great deal of evidence which demonstrated the positive impact her programs are having on the school community'; 'Great results of a positive school environment. Absenteeism is well below the state benchmark. Rising NAPLAN results. Focus on teaching to the individual child. Extensive data walls. Enrolment numbers exceeding capacity. Professional learning plans for staff. Distributive model of leadership. Developing partnerships with Bastow Institute of Education Leadership. Mentor to beginning teachers- takes on fewer responsibilities to focus on good classroom teaching. Survey results- high level of trust at 98%. Has continued to upskill by undertaking formal leadership course. Has completed several presentations in the wider community. Won the Victorian Principals award in 2019.'

Primary School Principal of the Year Non-Government

Winner: Grenville Green - Haileybury

  • Commitment to academic excellence, parental engagement, staff development and social justice.
  • Grenville Green provides a clear vision, administers the School’s unique Explicit Instruction Model, and works with other schools so they can deliver it. Each year he sets Teaching and Learning Goals that help staff to grow the programs, boost teacher capacity and enhance student opportunities.
  • Judges' comments include: 'Outstanding application from a leader with a strong focus on pedagogy, instructional leadership and data -driven decision-making'; 'Exceedingly thorough, with extensive supporting material. Working not just within his school, but across multiple campuses and other states/systems'; 'Clearly an effective and visionary leader in large multi-campus school with impressive performance'.

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