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Celebrate Children's Week 22 -30 October 2022

Children’s Week is being celebrated throughout Australia from Saturday 22 - Sunday 30 October 2022. 

The Children’s Week Council of Australia strongly advocates for and promotes the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child. Each year an article is selected by the Children’s Week Council of Australia, this article becomes the theme for Children's week across the country.

The theme for 2022 is based on UNCRC Article 27: All Children have the right to a standard of living that supports their wellbeing and healthy development.

Children’s Week celebrates the right of children to enjoy childhood. It is also a time for children to demonstrate their talents, skills and abilities.

Thousands of children and their families around the country are involved in activities and events during 'The Week' through the participation of schools, playgroups, childcare, kindergartens, cultural groups, libraries, departments and community groups.


Check out a range of activities and tip sheets

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