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Employing a graduate with pending VIT registration

Appointing pre-service teachers (PSTs) in Victorian schools is important to the profession. Many PSTs who are due to graduate this year have already applied for teacher registration. However, until VIT obtains evidence of course completion from initial teacher education (ITE) providers, their registration cannot be finalised.

To ensure your PSTs are ready to teach in 2023, VIT will prioritise the pre-assessment of these applications while waiting for the evidence of course completion.

If the PST you are seeking to appoint has not applied to VIT, please encourage them to do so as soon as possible so that VIT can assess their application prior to the start of term 1, 2023.

Legislation requires that all people undertaking the duties of a teacher in Victoria must hold registration, and penalties apply for both unregistered teachers and their employers. This is to ensure that teachers are properly qualified and suitable to be in a position of responsibility for learners’ care.

Advice for employers of PSTs with pending VIT registration

You should

  • provide your applicant all paperwork necessary to process their appointment
  • inform your applicant that if they are unable to secure their registration prior to the starting date, they will not be able to take up their position until this is complete
  • confirm your applicant appears on the public register and add them to your teacher list in your Employer portal (once their registration has been approved)
  • ensure that a person holds the correct type of registration for your setting
  • not allow an applicant to teach - even under supervision - without confirmed VIT registration.
Useful Resource

The responsibility for gaining and maintaining teacher registration lies with the PST. You can help them by providing this information pack, these videos and the following advice when completing an application.

Advice for PSTs on applying for VIT registration

  • apply now so your application can be assessed as soon as possible
  • applications can take up to 6 weeks to be assessed once all documentation is submitted – to avoid delays, include all relevant documents in your application
  • ensure you apply for the correct type of registration for the setting you intend to work in
  • advise VIT in your application if you have a pending teaching position
  • if you obtain a teaching position after you have submitted an application, you can retrospectively add the start date (to help ensure the application is assessed before you commence work)

Advice for PSTs with pending VIT registration

If you accept a position as a teacher when your registration is pending, you must

  • inform your employer of your VIT pending status
  • once your application is approved
  • inform your employer as soon as your application is approved (you can track the progress of your application through your MyVIT account)
  • inform your employer of any issues with registration that may impact your ability to meet your starting date
  • not undertake the duties of a teacher - even under supervision - until your application has been approved and your name can be seen on the register.

Once an application has been assigned to a case manager, that person will be the point of contact, and will request further information (if required) during the assessment process.

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