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Examples of evidence for moving to (full) registration

Evidence of practice from teachers who have already undertaken the (full) registration process may assist other teachers in understanding the end product of their Inquiry.

If you are a provisionally registered teacher, you may be currently undertaking the (full) registration process, or planning to do so soon.

VIT publishes a range of examples of evidence of practice from teachers who undertook the provisional to (full) process. These examples may assist you in understanding the end product of the inquiry.

The process is the same for all teachers, so we encourage you to view the full range of examples, regardless of your subject area or the age of your learners.

How you present your evidence is up to you, as long as your evidence is clearly documented. You can use the VIT template, a website, Prezi, PowerPoint or any other format that suits your context.

Remember, this is not a university assignment or a thesis. The vast majority of evidence you are presenting should be from your everyday teaching practice (e.g. unit plans, lesson plans, plan for learning and play, learner work samples, rubrics, notes or minutes from meetings).

If you are thinking of undertaking the (full) registration process as a CRT or in a non-school setting, the non-school setting examples may be of particular use.

Examples of evidence

Please note: after 30 June 2018, all applications for (full) registration must include evidence of competence in relation to child safety and welfare (Part 2C) and maintaining appropriate relationships (Part 4B). The below examples don’t include evidence of these new requirements.

Further examples of practice can be found on AITSL’s website.

Evidence guides

To support early childhood teachers and casual relief teachers, we have developed evidence guides which map examples of practice against each descriptor of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers for these two teaching contexts.

View our moving to (full) registration resources for more information and support materials.