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Monitoring teacher registration

The following information provides clarity regarding the obligations of employers to ensure all teachers hold the correct registration type.

Under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006, employers must ensure an individual holds the correct form of registration for the setting they are teaching in.

Setting Registration type required
Kindergarten program Early childhood teacher registration*
Combined kindergarten / early primary program Dual registration (both early childhood teacher and teacher registration)*
School program (primary, secondary, special school) Teacher registration or permission to teach (PTT)*
VET / RTO program delivered on school grounds Teacher registration or permission to teach (PTT)*


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*Those who hold non-practising registration cannot undertake the duties of a teacher / early childhood teacher

Using the Employer portal

The Employer portal allows schools and early childhood services to monitor the registration of teachers, recommend provisionally registered teachers for full registration and support applications for permission to teach (for schools only). 

Useful Resource

Download a copy of the Employer Portal Guide for instructions on how to access and use the Employer portal.

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Schools that have an early childhood service attached to their program will have separate employer portals for each setting, and should list teachers only in the relevant portal.  


More information can be found in our FAQs for employers or the Employer resources sections. 

Periodic registration checks

It is good practice to include periodic checks of the Employer portal to ensure teachers remain registered and are not approaching an expiry date. 

This should occur at least once per term / quarter. It is particularly important at the start of the year to ensure that all graduate teachers and new staff are registered, and to ensure all staff have completed their annual registration tasks and continue to be registered with VIT.

These checks are also important in the middle of October to check for teachers who have not completed their annual registration requirements. 

Checks for the last quarter of the year

Have all your teachers completed their annual registration tasks? 

  • teachers who have completed these tasks will have an ‘approval expiry’ date in 2024 and a ‘payment expiry’ date of 30 September 2024
  • provisionally registered teachers and holders of PTT whose registration expires before 31 December 2023 will not be able to complete annual registration tasks until they have made a new application and it has been approved by VIT.
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    Teachers with an expiry date in the past who show on the register and your Employer portal are registered and able to teach.

    Teachers without updated 'approval expiry' and 'payment expiry' dates may have completed their annual registration tasks, but are experiencing delays due to ongoing assessments by VIT. Check the ‘pending application’ table below the teacher list to confirm their application status.

    If you have checked the register and/or your Employer portal and are still not sure of your teacher's registration status, please call the principal hotline (1300 650 375) or early childhood hotline (1300 977 263).

    Periodic checks

    1. update your teacher list by adding new teachers and removing teachers who have left
    2. check for upcoming provisional expiry datesprovisionally registered teachers can apply for a further grant of provisional registration within 3 months of their registration expiry if they have not completed the Inquiry process - please note: provisionally registered teachers also have a 3 month grace period, which means if they appear on the register and in the Employer portal, they are registered and able to teach, even if their expiry date is in the past
    3. check the expiry date and permitted subjects for PTT holders - PTT holders can only teach at the school and in the subjects listed in the teacher list (scroll to the right to see this information) in the Employer portal - PTT holders do not have a grace period and their PTT grant will expire on the day after their approval expiry date unless another application is approved
    4. check if your teachers have returning conditions - they may request a letter or statement of service as evidence of their days of teaching to meet the returning requirements
    5. check if your teachers have conditions - they may supply you with a letter outlining these conditions.


    Useful Resource

    Download a copy of the Employer Pack to assist you in understanding your obligations as an employer. More information can be found on the Support my teachers and Employer’s obligations sections.

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