Looking at Classroom Practice

08 NOVEMBER 2016

AITSL’s Classroom Practice Continuum is currently being reviewed with a focus on including additional evidence based practices aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. The review includes a survey which is designed to collect information from practising teachers from across Australia about their current teaching practice.

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Classroom Practice Continuum

What does it look like to improve my teaching practice?

Every day in classrooms across Australia teachers are assessing what their students know and what they still need to know, based on their expert content knowledge and understanding of their students and how they learn. This knowledge base enables them to understand where their students are currently situated on a particular learning pathway and to know what to do to move the learning forward.

But do teachers know what their own learning pathway looks like? What does it look like to improve your own classroom practice over time so that you are continually building greater expertise?

To assist teachers and school leaders in answering this question, AITSL has developed the Classroom Practice Continuum and the supporting resource guide Looking at Classroom Practice.

The Classroom Practice Continuum brings the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers to life by building out the Professional Practice Domain and articulating what teachers at increasing levels of expertise do in the classroom. By demonstrating progression along the Continuum, teachers can see what it looks like to improve their own classroom practice and the consequent impact of this improvement on student learning, student engagement in learning and student wellbeing.

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