Principals: Check if your teachers are registered for next year

23 NOVEMBER 2015

Thank you for your support in helping teachers complete their online registration tasks, which were due on 30 September. The majority of teachers understood their registration obligations and successfully completed their tasks by the due date.

A letter has been mailed to those teachers whose tasks are yet to be completed and, if any of those teachers have been linked to your school, you will also receive a letter advising you to check your school portal.

How to check your teachers' registration status in your school portal

The school portal is a secure online repository containing information about registered teachers in each Victorian school, accessible via our website.

A quick glance in your school portal can tell you if a teacher is registered to teach next year. A teacher whose information is displayed completely in black is registered to teach next year. If you see any red text, the teacher’s registration is not yet complete and there may be an issue which needs to be resolved.

If you have forgotten your password

Go to the log in page of the school portal and click 'Help: Need your school portal password?’.

What to look for

Once you are in your school portal, click the ‘All Teachers’ link. You will see a list of your teachers. If there is information displayed in red, there are two possibilities:

1. The teacher has completed their registration tasks, and their National Police History Check is being processed by ACIC

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is the external agency that runs police checks. This process can take up to 20 working days. The teacher’s registration will be complete and their information will be displayed in black once a satisfactory National Police History Check is obtained and their registration is approved. We have emailed these teachers informing them of this.

2. The teacher has yet to complete their registration tasks

If this is the case, the teacher must complete their tasks and have their registration approved before 31 December each year or they will not be able to teach after that date. The online tasks they need to complete are displayed in their MyVIT account. If they need to update their National Police History Check, they will also need to send in supporting certified documents to the VIT.

Sending in supporting documents  

If a teacher needs to send documents to the VIT, this must be completed as soon as possible. These documents must be processed by VIT before ACIC can run the police check. If documents are incomplete, including not certified correctly, they will need to be re-sent. To ensure that there is enough time for processing of applications, we ask that teachers submit their documents by 17 December each year.

Your support in encouraging these teachers to complete their registration is appreciated.

Registration cards

Registration cards are issued and mailed to teachers during October. Please be aware that a registration card is not the sole proof of a teacher’s registration status. Some of your staff may not have received their registration card yet, however you can check their registration status on the School Portal, as explained above.  

Ultimately it is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that they have completed their registration requirements. However, we value your support in bringing these matters to the attention of your staff and your co-operation with us to ensure Victorian teachers are registered and able to work.