Registration cards


When you complete your registration tasks, you will receive your new registration card in the mail.

There is a different coloured card for each category of registration, which includes our newest category of registration – early childhood teacher.

Other than the colours, there are a few other differences:

  • The date of your last National Police History Check (NPHC) will no longer be displayed on your card. You’ll find this, along with information about your registration, in your MyVIT account.
  • The back of the card now features the year of the card – another way to assist you in ensuring it is the current year.

    • Registered teacher means (full) registration.
    • 'This teacher's registration has conditions.' indicates:
      • a teacher who has special conditions on their registration
      • a teacher who is returning to teaching from non-practising registration.

    Here are the cards:

    Registered (full) teacher card

    Provisionally registered teacher card


    Permission to teach (PTT) card

    Non-practising teacher card

    Registered early childhood teacher card

    Provisionally registered early childhood teacher card

    Non-practising early childhood teacher card

    For more information about your registration, you can log in to your MyVIT account or search the register for your name or registration number.

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