Entry into teacher education programs

20 OCTOBER 2017

For 2018 entry, students must demonstrate academic capability by achieving an ATAR of at least 65. The ATAR will increase to 70 for entry into programs in 2019.

Personal (non-academic) attributes to be a teacher will include motivation to teach, strong interpersonal and communication skills, willingness to learn, resilience, self-efficacy, conscientiousness and organisational and planning skills.

Higher education providers will determine how these personal attributes are assessed.

The majority of Victorian universities will use the CASPer test. Universities have provided fact sheets and information on their websites about the CASPer test. The VTAC website  also provides FAQs to help prospective students understand the purpose and process for the test.

National and State reforms in teacher education require the strengthened selection of candidates into initial teacher education programs. The Victorian Institute of Teaching and Department of Education and Training have collaborated to develop the Victorian Framework for Selection into Initial Teacher Education requiring higher education providers to use clear, transparent and evidence-based selection criteria.

This will ensure that those students selected into teacher education programs demonstrate academic achievement and are suited to teaching. Ultimately, this will contribute to the quality of teachers who are registered in Victoria.