Important information for teachers with a registration number beginning with a ‘6’

20 NOVEMBER 2017

If you’re a provisionally registered teacher with a registration number beginning with a ‘6’ and you have completed at least 80 days of teaching, we have sent you an email regarding your application for (full) registration.

An interim process applies to your application for (full) registration, and you will need to follow these steps:

Once you have completed your Inquiry process and met the 37 descriptors of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:

  1. forward this PDF recommendation report PDF, 443.08 KB (Interim Form C) to your recommendation panel prior to your meeting
  2. ask the principal / principal's delegate to email the completed recommendation report from their official email address to This is important for identification verification purposes.

Please note: the PDF form only applies to the abovementioned group of teachers.

This is an interim measure until this functionality becomes available in the new teacher portal.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to develop the new teacher portal.