Message from the CEO

30 NOVEMBER 2016

We congratulate over 3,700 new graduates who are now registered to teach in Victoria. Welcome to the teaching profession.

There has been recent media interest in our teaching graduates with regard to the Literacy and Numeracy test. 

  • to be registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT), all new graduates have completed a full teaching qualification
  • for the 2017 teaching year, transitional arrangements are in place to manage the additional requirement for Literacy and Numeracy assessment of graduate teachers
  • in future, this will be an Australia-wide requirement to graduate from a teaching program
  • over 92% of graduate teachers have successfully passed the test
  • currently 281 graduates have a condition on their registration that they satisfactorily complete the Literacy and Numeracy test within 6 months of being registered 
    • 171 of these teachers have not yet successfully completed both parts of the test and could not resit the test prior to registration.
    • the remaining 110 have not sat the test for family, medical or access reasons
    • this is 7.5% of graduates (not 10% as reported) 
  • new graduates make up 2.8% of our 125,000 registered teachers
  • the number of graduate teachers with conditions on their registration is reducing as we are being advised of test results.

VIT supports this important government initiative.

We are working with these teachers who have yet to complete or sit the Literacy and Numeracy test.

Should you require further information about the Literacy and Numeracy requirement or other registration requirements please contact us.

Yours sincerely

Melanie Saba
Chief Executive Officer

9 February 2017 at 3pm