Professional Development opportunities: Teacher Learning Network and CRT PD


When you renew your registration this year, you will need to declare that you have completed your required hours of professional development (PD) that reference the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST). One resource that might help you maintain your PD requirements is the Teacher Learning Network (TLN).

The TLN is a not-for-profit professional development provider for teachers across Victoria, supported by the Australian Education Union (AEU - Victorian branch) and the Independent Education Union Victoria Tasmania (IEU). The PD they offer is largely delivered online and through on-demand courses.

Courses are delivered by practising teachers and cover topics including:

  • pedagogical strategies
  • early childhood education
  • behaviour management
  • gifted and talented
  • special needs
  • student engagement
  • assessment and feedback
  • literacy and numeracy
  • IT skills
  • communication
  • leadership

School membership of TLN allows all staff in a workplace to engage in as much PD as they like in a given year. Individuals in schools and early childhood services can also join the TLN. For more information about membership, please visit the TLN website.  

Free PD for CRTs in 2017

TLN has teamed up with the Department of Education and Training to provide free PD to all casual relief and emergency teachers (CRTs) in 2017. All you need to do is visit the CRT PD website and register to become a member. All courses address the APST and contribute to your VIT PD requirements for renewal of registration. Provisionally registered CRTs will also benefit from participating in these courses.

CRTs can complete as much PD as they want, free, until 31 December 2017. For more information visit the TLN website or contact Amy Cotton at TL.