Provisionally registered teachers: how to demonstrate the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers through your inquiry approach

16 JUNE 2017

If you’re a provisionally registered teacher and you want to progress to (full) registration, you’ll need to undertake an inquiry into your teaching practice. As part of that process, you’ll need to collect evidence to show you are meeting all 37 Proficient Teacher descriptors of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST).

We’ve developed a matrix PDF, 373.14 KB to help you.

The matrix can help you understand the correlation between your inquiry and the APST. It shows the stages of the inquiry process and lists the relevant descriptors at each stage.

As part of your inquiry, you’ll need to observe colleagues, be observed by colleagues, have professional conversations and provide annotated student work samples. You can see on the matrix where these activities are relevant.

Challenging descriptors and examples of evidence

Some descriptors may not be easily demonstrated through the Inquiry process. We’ve listed some of the potentially challenging descriptors and given examples of the kind of evidence you could collect.

Remember: if you don’t meet a particular descriptor as part of your inquiry, you can collect evidence from other parts of your teaching to show you have met that descriptor.

The matrix and associated examples of evidence can be found at Opportunities for demonstrating the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers through the Inquiry approach. PDF, 373.14 KB