Special needs PD update

16 MARCH 2017

As part of the Victorian government’s special needs plan, registered teachers are now required to undertake professional development (PD) activities to develop their capability to teacher learners with disability (special needs).

In 2016, 89% of teachers who renewed their registration indicated they had undertaken PD in special needs – this is a fantastic result, however we still have a number of teachers who are yet to complete their PD.

Why is this important?

The Victorian government has made a strong commitment to improving access to, and participation in, learning for children with special needs. This is consistent with feedback the profession has provided us; teachers told us they didn’t feel equipped to deal with learners who have disability and that they would like more opportunities to understand the needs of these learners to improve learning outcomes.

Recent survey findings of those who have completed special needs PD show positive impacts on learning, you can see a quick snapshot of these findings below. 

View full report here PDF, 1279.5 KB.

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