VIT Podcast: professional learning and mentoring - a teacher’s view

05 JUNE 2017

“The longer I teach, the more I realise the positive impact teachers can and do have on students. We can really transform their approach to the world, and I think that’s powerful and it’s a responsibility - that’s why it’s important.”

Katherine Koidis is a Teaching and Learning Leader at Bayside Secondary College Senior Campus in Paisley. These podcasts feature Katherine’s thoughts on two main topics: professional learning, and mentoring.


In the first podcast, we talk to Katherine about what professional learning she's recently undertaken, how it relates to her classroom practice, advice for CRTs, and special needs professional development. 

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In this podcast, Katherine explores how mentoring works in her school, provides advice for mentors, graduate teachers and provisionally registered teachers who are completing their evidence-based process to move to (full) registration. 

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