What is a Workplace Recommendation Panel for provisionally registered teachers?


As part of the process of moving to (full) registration, a provisionally registered teacher (PRT) needs to present the evidence they've collected to a recommendation panel in their school or early childhood service.

Who should comprise the panel?

VIT believes that the people who are best placed to evaluate a PRT's evidence for progression to (full) registration are those who know the teacher and their teaching context best. This would be the PRT’s workplace leaders / principal and their teaching peers. 

These people will be able to make appropriate judgements about the professional practice of the PRT based on their documented evidence. This is managed through a workplace panel that generates the recommendation report PRTs use in their application for (full) registration or (full) early childhood teacher registration.

When and how should a panel be formed?  

When a PRT is well advanced with documenting their evidence, and they can anticipate when they will be ready to apply for (full) registration, they should approach their school principal or relevant early childhood leader(s) to discuss the formation of a workplace panel.

In some circumstances, a PRT may be assisted in this process by their mentor. In other circumstances, where there are a large number of PRTs seeking panel assessments, when and how the panel meetings happen may need to be negotiated to support efficient use of time and resources.

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