Happy World Teachers' Day 2017

23 OCTOBER 2017

Message from Lesley Lamb, Chairperson, VIT Council

On World Teachers’ Day 2017, I’d like to reflect the personal impact teachers have on their student’s lives.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a rich professional life. I have been a bureaucrat, a Principal, a researcher and a teacher, yet it was teaching that always held my passion.

From a young age, I was drawn to teaching because of all the dedicated teachers who enriched my life and opened my eyes. 

So now it’s time to pay tribute and say thank you to:

Ms. Matheson, my Grade 3 teacher, who exuded such energy and passion for books. I so wanted to be like her and let stories take me to another world.

Mr. Dickinson, probably the most patient teacher I’ve ever had. When I was scared of Maths, he made fractions make sense. He gently cajoled me into understanding.

Mr. Ross, who told us all about the world beyond the classroom, taking working-class kids on excursions to the ballet. He transformed my worldview.

And, finally, thanks to Mr. Donovan, my Year 12 Literature teacher who taught me just how hard I would have to work if I really wanted to reach university – he corrected endless drafts, offered personal assistance and always had a healthy intolerance of mediocrity.

These are just four of the individual teachers who made me what I am. 

So to all teachers, when you find yourself laden with all your corrections, facing the next round of reports and have just been called to another meeting, remember how important you are in the children’s lives. 

You are making a real impact and a real difference.

Thank you to the teachers of 2017.

Message from Fran Cosgrove - CEO (acting)

Teachers hold a unique place in our society as the educators of our future leaders.

Teachers shape and guide the knowledge and values of our future society.

Let’s appreciate and recognise the important work our Victorian teachers are undertaking today and let’s thank them for every day they open up the world a little bit more to their learners.