Child safety and wellbeing focus strengthens VIT’s governance

15 OCTOBER 2018

Last week the Education Legislation Amendment (Victorian Institute of Teaching, TAFE and other Matters) Act 2018 was passed with a proclamation that the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) will perform a new function to support child safety and wellbeing.

Commencing 15 October 2018, the function states that “when performing any regulatory function under subsection (1), the Institute must consider the wellbeing and safety of children, including by taking into account community expectations.”

This aligns with VIT’s new strategic direction to provide for the safety and wellbeing of children and young people through achieving the following objectives

  • review and revise Codes of Conduct and Ethics
  • implement a rick management framework
  • realign disciplinary processes and delegations
  • use proactive data analysis to intervene and prevent harm.

VIT recently published its 2018-20 Strategic Plan that articulates a vision for the future based on the need to respond to growing community expectations, while ensuring the teaching profession in Victoria is respected for its crucial role in delivering excellence in education.

VIT CEO Peter Corcoran said this focus will strengthen VIT’s regulatory approach to teacher registration and increase confidence from the Victorian community to regulate for a highly qualified, proficient and reputable teaching profession.

“VIT welcomes the new child safety and wellbeing focus of the Act,” Peter said. “Following the recent Armytage review, we are working hard to implement many key areas of reform that will maintain the high professional and ethical standards of registered teachers, principals and early childhood educational leaders in Victoria.”

“With child safety and wellbeing at the heart of everything we do, Victorian teachers can feel confident we are supporting them and their ability to positively impact and improve student outcomes.”