Department of Education and Training – Centres of Expertise

28 JUNE 2018

In 2016, the Department of Education and Training (DET) undertook a review to investigate how schools can maximise the learning of all students with disabilities.

A key finding of this review was that there is a lack of specialist expertise and support for Victorian Government schools to deliver inclusive education. Following recommendations, it proposed to support local mainstream schools implement inclusive education by identifying current and emerging examples of exemplary practice displayed at specialist schools and to recognised these specialist schools as Centres of Expertise.

The Autism Teaching Institute (Western Autistic School) have been recognised as a Centre of Expertiseby DET in teaching students with a diagnosis of Autism and were recently awarded funding for 40 scholarships for already qualified teachers to be trained as specialist teachers of Autism.

The Institute supports this important initiative and encourages teachers to participate in DET scholarships or other endorsed programs to assist with the Special Needs priority area. Please contact DET for further information on the Centres of Expertise.

For programs that have been recipients of scholarships awarded by DET as part of the initiative and are supported by VIT please see the endorsed programs page of the Institute’s website.