Don’t forget it’s registration time


This year we have introduced paperless invoices, which you would have received via your nominated email address.

If you haven’t seen this email don’t worry, simply log in to your MyVIT account and complete your registration tasks online.

Registration cards may take up to 30 working days during peak renewal period. If your name appears on the register, you are registered and able to work. You don’t need your card to teach.

What do I do if I haven't completed my annual tasks?

You will need to complete these tasks by 31 December.

Please note: your MyVIT account is not available until 10am 4 October due to reconciliation of pre-30 September renewal tasks. You will be able to complete your renewal tasks until 31 December as normal. Please check back after 4 October.

If your name appears on the register, you are registered and able to work. You don’t need your card to teach.

If you did not pay your annual registration fee by 30 September, you will be charged a late processing fee.

We receive a high volume of enquiries during the registration period, so it’s best to contact us sooner rather than later if you require any assistance.

Cessation of registration

If you are registered as a teacher and / or an early childhood teacher, and no longer wish to teach in one or both divisions, complete the Cessation of registration form. Please note that once your registration has ceased, you will no longer be allowed to teach in Victoria.

Keep your details current

To ensure you receive all correspondence from VIT, it's important that you keep your details current through your MyVIT account.

Under section 2.6.26AB, teachers must notify VIT in writing of the name of any school at which the teacher is employed within 30 days of commencing or ceasing their employment.

Once all requirements for the renewal of registration have been met, your new 2019 registration card may take up to 30 business days to be received.

Frequently asked questions


If you need to renew, you can log in to your MyVIT account and complete the online form. 

What if I can't meet the renewal requirements?

If you are unable to meet the renewal requirements, you may be eligible to apply to become non-practising. 

When you complete your renewal of registration application, you're asked to make declarations about your continuing suitability to teach and your professional practice.

If you indicate that you cannot meet the requirement for days teaching and / or hours of professional development activities, you will be given the option to apply for non-practising registration.

Why can't I complete my renewal tasks?

You are advised to complete your renewal tasks on a computer or laptop, as these work better than a tablet or mobile device.

I can't remember my registration number

Registration numbers are 6 digits and start with 1, 2 ,3, 4 or 6. If you can't remember your registration number, you can search the online register to access it. Simply type your first and last names in to the search fields and your details will appear.

How do I reset my password?

Go to the MyVIT portal page

  1. If your registration number starts with 1, 2, 3 or 4, enter an incorrect password in the login fields and follow the prompts to reset your password or;
  2. If your registration number starts with 6, click on the 'Forgot Your Password?' link and follow the prompts to reset your password.

How do I pay?

Pay your fees online by logging in to MyVIT

Why do I keep receiving a payment error message?

If you are receiving an error message when attempting to access the online payment form, please check the security settings of your computer. Alternatively you can try using a different device to make payment.

How much are the fees?

Check out the schedule of fees for the current fee amounts.

When am I meant to pay by?

Your MyVIT account will tell you how much to pay and when this is due.

Do you have a different question?

Email us a question