How to show evidence of your professional development


All teachers should keep up to date records of their professional development activities. If you’re (fully) registered, you may be asked to provide evidence of your PD activities when completing the renewal application process.

What type of evidence could you provide?

Your evidence may include

  • certificates of attendance or participation in a PD activity
  • verification by a principal, employer, professional learning coordinator or appropriate leader of your engagement in PD activities
  • receipts of payment for courses or activities
  • academic transcripts
  • personal reflections that explain how the PD activity
    • addresses the APST
    • contributes to your professional knowledge and practice
    • supports learning for those you teach.

How to record your evidence

You may choose how and where to record your professional development activities, however you’ll need to indicate the timeframe, type of activity and relationship between the activity and standards of professional practice.

You can use the following methods to record PD activities

  • journals
  • blogs
  • annotated extracts from professional development plans 
  • performance reviews
  • MyPD tool (in the MyVIT teacher portal)

These records will be very important if you’re asked to provide evidence. During the renewal application process, a random sample of teachers will be required to validate the declaration that they have maintained their professional practice.

Reflecting on professional practice

Although a certificate or receipt may demonstrate that you attended a professional development activity, it is preferred that you write a brief reflection about the activity detailing your new learning and how you have or will apply this to your teaching practice.

Writing a reflection is especially important if you’re recording professional reading or professional meetings. A reflection can be a summary of how the activity added to your professional knowledge and informed your practice. Make sure you reference the book or article you are reading from, including the web source if relevant. You should also keep an estimate of the time taken for the activity.

Some questions to answer in each reflection

  1. What have you learnt from the PD activity that you can use to develop your teaching knowledge and / or practice? 
  2. How have you / will you apply your learnings from the professional development to your teaching practice? 
  3. How will you gather and analyse evidence of the impact of applying your new learnings? 
  4. How could these ideas be shared with colleagues? 
  5. What obstacles might you find when applying these ideas?

MyPD tool

You can view an example of a reflection PDF, 316.16 KB used in the MyPD tool. For more information on how to use MyPD, login via the MyVIT account or download the MyPD FAQs PDF, 1410.46 KB.