Professional Learning: more than just a workshop

14 NOVEMBER 2018

Professional learning in workplaces can take many forms. Workshops and seminars are one way for teachers to learn, however, most learning will occur when teachers are working in collaboration with colleagues. This can take place at professional or collegiate meetings that inform teachers about policies, curriculum and pedagogy that relate to teaching and learning, or require teachers to reflect on their professional practice.

Teachers then need to relate these ideas to what they learn, to what they know and what they do. The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers provide a framework for this reflection. The standards enable all teachers to think about what they learn professionally in relation to their teaching practice and the learning of their students.

Below are some examples of professional learning

  • conducting action research
  • doing lesson study
  • planning lessons with a teaching colleague
  • being coached or mentored by an expert
  • leading a school-wide committee
  • coaching or mentoring a colleague
  • observing model lessons
  • observing other teachers teaching
  • being observed and receiving feedback from colleagues
  • keeping a reflection log or journal
  • visiting other schools / programs
  • investigating new technological resources to supplement lessons
  • reading current literature on education trends
  • shadowing students, a teacher or another professional in the field
  • leading a professional learning team
  • analysing teaching case studies or viewing illustrations of practice (e.g. AITSL). 

These professional learning activities can count towards your VIT renewal requirements. 

For more information about professional learning and in particular, how to record this learning, please click here