Teaching Performance Assessment


As part of the revised Guidelines for the accreditation of the initial teacher education programs in Australia, a Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA) has been introduced to all Victorian initial teacher education (ITE) programs.

What is a TPA?

A TPA occurs in the final year of the ITE program. It requires pre-service teachers to be assessed against the Graduate Teacher Standard descriptors of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST).

The requirements of the TPA are outlined in AITSL’s Guidelines for the accreditation of the initial teach education programs in Australia - see Program Standard 1.2 below.

Reflective Practice Cycle

Using the reflective practice cycle, the pre-service teacher plans and delivers a sequence of lessons that meet the learning needs of a targeted student / learner group across a range of abilities.

Based on data and evidence of learning, the pre-service teacher assesses the impact of their teaching and modifies their practice to support the learning of students / learners.

The supervising teacher / mentor provides written feedback at the Graduate Teacher level of the APST, which the pre-service teacher also uses to reflect on their practice and plan for future improvement.

Reflective Practice Cycle 

AITSL Program Standard 1.2

Program Standard 1.2 requires that a TPA be situated in a classroom environment, in order to demonstrate a range of authentic teaching practices. The TPA must be a requirement of successful completion of the program, and must be completed during the final year. Where possible, it should be included in the final professional experience placement or internship, prior to graduation.

The TPA, as articulated in Program Standard 1.2, must have the following features

  1. be a reflection of classroom teaching practice, providing direct evidence of candidates' planning, teaching, assessing and reflecting
  2. be a valid assessment that clearly assesses the content of the Graduate Teacher Standards
  3. have clear, measurable and justifiable achievement criteria that discriminate between meeting and not meeting the Graduate Teacher Standards
  4. be a reliable assessment in which there are appropriate processes in place for ensuring consistent scoring between assessors
  5. include moderation processes that support consistent decision making against the achievement criteria.

What does this mean for the supervising teacher / mentor?

There is no additional work required. The supervising teacher / mentor will continue to mentor and assess the pre-service teacher’s professional experience as normal. TPAs will be assessed by the higher education provider.