2019 Early Childhood Education Conference

3 JUNE 2019

VIT's 2018-20 Strategic Plan outlines our objective to actively learn from and engage with our key stakeholders, and part of this work to strengthen our understanding of community expectations is to attend stakeholder conferences and events.

VIT recently exhibited at the 2019 Early Childhood Education Conference and enjoyed the opportunity to engage with over 1,000 early childhood teachers, educators, service managers / directors, allied professionals, policy makers, researchers, parents and more.

Early Learning Association of Australia (ELAA), in partnership with Gowrie Victoria, delivered a fantastic event and VIT Professional Practice Manager, Linda Blakis, said it was a great way to meet with the early childhood community and the teachers we register every year.

“We spent two full days getting to know the early childhood teachers and educators, listening to their specific needs, and answering questions regarding teacher registration and professional learning requirements,” Linda said.

“I was able to make positive connections with many early childhood professionals in the industry, and the feedback we received regarding VIT’s policies and processes was invaluable.

“Our team really enjoyed personally engaging with different cohorts within the early years sector, and we walked away with a greater understanding of how we can improve our service and better support our stakeholders,” she said.

VIT will be attending the Department of Education’s (DET) 2019 Education State School Leadership Conference this month to engage with principals and school leaders from government schools across Victoria.