Education Week 2019

6 MAY 2019

2019 is the 75th year of Education Week and it aims to positively profile and celebrate the strengths and achievements of Victoria’s government education sector.

Education Week is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate excellence in education through open days, exhibitions and special events. Elements of the 2019 campaign will include a calendar of free careers themed activities including career open days, sharing of ideas and stories, resources and availability of grants for further community activities.

Schools are encouraged to run their own in-school careers events during Education Week, as well as careers open days for the local community and prospective families.

Activity suggestions

Early childhood and primary

  • Dress up day to dress as the job you want, make a collage from magazines about jobs/vision for the future.

Primary and secondary

  • Run a career expo within your school or within a school cluster
  • Excursions to popular places, thinking about what careers and jobs are there. e.g. go to the zoo and look at all the jobs and roles that take to run the zoo such as marketing, vets, café staff and cleaners
  • Poster competition on jobs and work to current and future to based on alphabet.
  • Employer day to invite employers to come and speak about the roles within their workplace.


Allocate time for your students to run through the Skills Gateway or Australian Government job outlook online tool. The tool has:

  • information on jobs of the future and the skills, knowledge and abilities students may need to get and keep a job
  • a career quiz to help students think about their work preferences
  • ideas about different careers
  • a snapshot of the industries and careers that are likely to be in demand in five years.

Career education is one of the building blocks to make sure our students have the confidence and capability to manage their future careers, and life beyond school.

For more information and resources see the Department of Education and Training website.