It's registration time

14 AUGUST 2019

2019-20 annual registration invoices

Last year VIT issued annual registration invoices to all teachers by email, instead of mail, for the first time. Unfortunately this resulted in a significant number of teachers applying late, with some becoming unregistered. It also caused a large increase in the number of people contacting VIT for assistance and subsequent delays.

This year invoices will be issued by mail*, with invoice reminders sent via email and SMS, to provide the best opportunity for you to register by 30 September 2019. Invoices will start to arrive from mid-August, staggered over 2.5 weeks. Please note: you don't need to wait for your invoice to arrive, you can log into your MyVIT account and complete your registration tasks now.

*If your registration number starts with a 6, your invoice will be sent by email, with invoice reminders sent via email and SMS.

Also included with your invoice will be a factsheet PDF, 500.4 KB regarding legislative changes, due to commence 1 September 2019.

Note: If you completed your tasks prior to receiving your invoice, please disregard the invoice as it was generated before you made payment.

What do I do if I haven't completed my annual tasks?

If your annual fee payment has not been received by 30 September, you will be charged a late processing fee.

You will need to complete your annual registration tasks by 31 December. Any teacher who has not completed their tasks is removed from the register and is no longer able to teach.

The following timeline provides you with some key dates and deadlines for completing your registration tasks.

2019 renewal timeline for teachers 

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Frequently asked questions

The FAQ section on our website provides the answers to most questions.

Keep your details current

To ensure you receive all correspondence from VIT, it's important that you keep your details current through your MyVIT account.

Registration cards

Your new registration card will be issued after your annual registration tasks are completed and assessed. Cards may take up to 20 working days to arrive during the renewal period.

In response to feedback from the last renewal survey, VIT will issue registration cards that have reduced environmental impact, with the view to move to electronic cards in future.

Cessation of registration

If you are registered as a teacher and / or an early childhood teacher, and no longer wish to teach in one or both divisions, complete the cessation of registration form. Please note that once your registration has ceased, you will no longer be allowed to teach in Victoria.