Meet our Professional Practice team

11 JULY 2019

In response to VIT’s 2018 – 2020 Strategic Plan, the Professional Practice (PP) team was formed to enable quality teaching and the best educational outcomes for learners, with a significant focus on building strong relationships with all stakeholders in the education space.

The PP team works with Initial Teacher Education (ITE) providers to ensure readiness for new graduates entering the teaching profession, and to support their development in demonstrating proficiency against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) as they move from provisional to (full) registration.

In support of this process, the PP team are a vital link for mentors across the state, working with them to develop strong mentoring skills that will benefit all sectors in education

The team is committed to educating teachers and the community about teaching quality by showcasing best practice in Victorian schools and early childhood services.

In addition to supporting teachers, principals and EC leaders, our PP team oversee major projects, such as the current review of the Victorian Teaching Profession’s Code of Conduct, which requires the facilitation of input from stakeholders across the profession.

PP Team Linda

Linda Blakis - Principal Practitioner

After a highly competitive recruitment selection process, Linda joined VIT in February 2019 to take on the newly created Principal Practitioner role. This role works across many branches to build a strong connection between VIT and the teaching profession. 

A trained secondary teacher, Linda has worked predominantly in the northern growth corridor of Melbourne, and was Assistant Principal of a large P-12 school before taking up the VIT appointment. 

Linda is passionate about teaching and the importance of investing in teachers, who she sees as our state’s most important professional group.

PP Team Hannah

Hannah Galloway - Senior Professional Practice Officer

Hannah studied Arts and Law at Deakin University. Soon after being admitted to legal practice, Hannah decided on a career change to teaching, and completed a Masters of Teaching at the University of Melbourne. 

After working for a number of years as a Legal Studies, History and English teacher in an Independent school in regional Victoria, Hannah moved back to Melbourne to work in a Government school in a welfare leadership role and as a Legal Studies teacher. 

Hannah joined VIT in 2017 and is passionate about supporting teachers in their profession, and helping beginning and experienced teachers understand the unique role they have within the Victorian community.

PP Team Matt

Matt Woodley - Senior Professional Practice Officer

Matt graduated from Ballarat University in 2006 as a primary school teacher, and has taught in schools in the Government and Independent sectors since then. 

He also has a degree from Curtin University in Multidisciplinary Science. 

Matt is passionate about how the teaching profession supports colleagues moving from study into practice, and understands the importance of linking a mentor or experienced colleague with a teacher to help them develop their practice and reflection.