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Professional Practice team update

Our Professional Practice team is committed to educating teachers and the community about teaching quality by showcasing best practice in Victorian schools and early childhood services.

The Professional Practice (PP) team works with Initial Teacher Education providers to ensure readiness for new graduates entering the teaching profession. The team supports the development of graduate teachers demonstrating proficiency against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers as they move from provisional to (full) registration and is a vital link for mentors across the state, working with them to develop strong mentoring skills that will benefit all sectors in education.

This year undoubtedly poses new challenges, and VIT's focus on providing support to enable quality teaching and the best educational outcomes for learners remains vital. 

The PP team is at the forefront of this support. Here is an update on their current activities.

Meet the team

Linda Blakis - Principal Practitioner

Linda and the team have been working hard to ensure that all teachers and pre-service teachers are supported in meeting their regulatory requirements and focus upon quality teaching and learning.

Throughout COVID-19 restrictions, the team was able to utilise online learning platforms to deliver all planned face-to-face commitments, with great success.

The team has been assisting provisionally registered teachers (PRTs) through support seminars. Feedback from these seminars indicates that not only is the process of moving to (full) registration better understood, but 80% of respondents indicated they will continue to use the process to improve ongoing practice.

In addition to attending conferences and seminars across all sectors, the team has delivered professional learning to universities, schools, principal networks, teachers and early childhood teachers throughout the state. If your network or organisation would like support, Linda and the PP team can provide information and training and they’re keen to seek your feedback. You can contact them at

Hannah Galloway - Senior Professional Practice Officer

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The largest project work that the PP team has undertaken in the past year is the review of the Victorian Teaching Profession’s Code of Conduct, ably led by Hannah Galloway.

The Code was first developed by VIT in 2008 in consultation with the teaching profession. Since this time there have been significant social, legislative and technological changes that have impacted on the profession, making it timely to review the Code.

The review has included a broad consultation process, including a Professional Boundaries Workshop with over 100 key stakeholders and a number of targeted workshops with key stakeholder groups. Formal submissions were sought from a discussion paper. Based on this consultation, VIT has developed a revised draft that will be circulated later this year for final comments.

The key themes have identified that the Code should 

  • reflect the significant role of teachers and early childhood teachers in providing for the safety and wellbeing of children and young people
  • include expectations for teachers and early childhood teachers in relation to their personal and professional conduct online (including on social media) 
  • reflect the need for teachers and early childhood teachers to be responsive to each learner’s background, context and specific vulnerabilities
  • include contemporary language free from jargon that reflects the broad range of teaching contexts.

The final revised Code is anticipated to be released at the start of 2021. The PP team will develop guidance material for teachers, early childhood teachers and stakeholders to engage with the Code, including case studies, definitions of key terms and reflection activities.

Matt Woodley - Senior Professional Practice Officer

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Matt has been working hard on the maintenance of current resources, and development of new ones, to support teachers and educational leaders.

The PP team is responsible for a range of materials that support teaching staff, from pre-service teachers through to educational leaders. These resources are updated to reflect current needs of the profession and regulatory requirements. The resources also support the varied work of the PP team, including materials for teachers to use themselves as well as presentations and training materials for the team to deliver.

Along with the update of current resources, the VIT website has been streamlined to allow easier access to these materials. Newly developed resources include mentor training materials, teacher practice articles and guidance materials to aid teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about our Professional Practice team

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