Raelene Vine awarded Parents Victoria life membership

VIT would like to congratulate VIT council member Raelene Vine on being awarded a life membership to Parents Victoria.

Life membership to Parents Victoria

A dedicated advocate for children and their education, Raelene Vine, has been awarded a life membership to Parents Victoria. Raelene has been a valued VIT Council Member since 2019, and brings a strong parent voice to the decision making process.

Parents Victoria gives parents a connection and voice to government, educational bodies, media and wider community organisations.

A life membership is awarded to members who have served on the Executive committee for a minimum of ten years and who have made an outstanding contribution to Parents Victoria.

Parents Victoria Chief Executive Officer, Gail McHardy, made the following announcement at a recent conference.

“Playgroup set Raelene Vine on her organised parent / education journey. As her children grew, a continuous involvement in their education saw Raelene actively participate in playgroup and preschool committees, the school council and parents association and, most recently, Parents Victoria, along with various sporting and cultural groups.

"Residing on a farm near Ouyen, Raelene is a School Councillor with the local College, and the Parents and Friends President. She was awarded the Joan Kirner Parent Participation Award in 2017 and values strong home / school / community relationships. Training as a Primary teacher, Raelene has worked as a casual relief teacher (CRT) from preschool to Year 12 for over twenty years.

"Parents Victoria nominated Raelene for the role of the Ministerially-appointed parent representative on the Victorian Institute of Teaching VIT Council.”

Raelene has been overwhelmed by membership, saying: “It’s a great honour - I join some illustrious company - some trailblazers, really. I think I am quite small fry in that big pond but am happy, indeed, to accept it.

"Parents Victoria is a most valuable organisation, I wouldn’t have kept going back and maintained ongoing links otherwise. I am an advocate for strong partnerships between families / students and schools / teachers. A team effort.”

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