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VIT supports mentoring and induction for 2021

VIT’s programs to support provisionally registered teachers and teacher mentors will continue in 2021.

The VIT supports the induction of early career and returning teachers through the delivery of seminars for provisionally registered teachers and various mentor training courses.

Our Professional Practice team develops effective resources to support teachers to demonstrate proficiency against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) and to ensure the ongoing quality of teachers supporting our children and young people to achieve their best outcomes. They are available to respond to teacher queries and act on feedback – email

Read VIT’s guide to supporting provisionally registered teachers (PRTs) and companion guide for provisionally registered casual relief teachers and teachers working in non-school settings.

Our 2021 program will be made available early in the new year. Schools and early childhood services should ensure they have enough trained VIT mentors in their workplace to support the convening of workplace panels for their PRTs’ applications for (full) registration, and should encourage all PRTs to attend a Supporting PRTs Seminar.

Please note: schools and early childhood services should familiarise themselves with the resources and seminars available on our website.