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What are your options during annual registration?

Annual registration will commence 2 August 2021 - tasks are due by 30 September

If you are wondering whether your current work in education still fits with your registration category or are thinking about taking a break from the teaching profession, here are a few options that you may consider.

(Fully) registered teachers and early childhood teachers

(Fully) registered teachers and early childhood teachers are required to make an application to renew their registration each year. In order to renew, teachers need to maintain recency of practice by engaging in teaching, equivalent practice or educational leadership during the renewal period.

Recency of practice means you have

  • taught for a minimum of 20 days per year (which can be averaged as 100 days over five years)
  • undertaken at least 20 hours of standards-referenced professional development activities per year.

The VIT recognises that the coronavirus pandemic (COVID 19) may have impacted some teachers’ ability to meet these requirements. We encourage all teachers to keep records of their teaching days and professional learning hours however, for those who are still unable to meet the requirements during 2021, this will not be an impediment to nor preclude you from registration renewal.

More information regarding adjustments to VIT processes during COVID 19 can be accessed here. 

If you cannot meet the recency of practice requirements as part of your annual registration tasks, you can apply to register as non-practising

Non-practising registration

If you are (fully) or provisionally registered and not currently teaching; or (fully) registered and unable to meet the recency of practice requirements, you can apply to register as non-practising

If you become non-practising, you cannot teach, as you will not be able to meet the requirements for currency of practice or professional learning.

There are however, distinct advantages to moving to this category of registration rather than allowing it to lapse

  • as a (fully) registered teacher, you don’t have to worry about the 20 days of teaching or the 20 hours of professional learning
  • it keeps your options open for the future if you ever wish to return to teaching
  • you remain exempt from the Working With Children Check if you participate in any work or activities involving children
  • you will be able to return to teaching upon request (however if you let your registration lapse, you will need to re-apply and meet the minimum 4 year qualification requirements at the time you re-apply).

You will still need to pay your registration, make declarations regarding your suitability to teach and maintain your 5-yearly Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks. When you are ready to return, you will need to apply to return to teaching by applying to return to teach through your MyVIT account.