As you are aware, the Victorian Institute of Teaching is developing a new business system with the view to significantly streamline all VIT processes. The new system includes an employer portal that will interact with the teacher portal.

At this stage, the employer portal only contains information regarding teachers currently in the new system (i.e. teachers with registration numbers beginning with ‘6’).

You will be required to use the old school portal and the new employer portal side by side (until all teachers are on the new system).

If you do not have any teachers with a registration number starting with ‘6’, you will not be required to use the employer portal and you can simply keep using the school / early childhood services portal as normal.

The Employer Portal is a secure online facility enabling Victorian school principals and EC Managers to:

  • confirm the current registration status of teachers’ employed at their school / service
  • seek the current registration status of a teacher they may wish to employ
  • have edit-access for searching, adding or removing teachers to maintain their ‘All Teachers’ list


 Watch this video to find out more about how to use the employer portal

Accessing the Employer Portal

The new employer portal is now available to Principals and EC Managers.

To set up your account in the new portal, you will first need to reset your password. Ensure you use the official school principal / EC manager email address which is registered with VIT.

Once you've successfully set a new password, login to the Employer Portal with your username and new password.

If you have teachers / early childhood teachers with a registration number starting with ‘6’, you should ensure they are appearing here correctly.

You may find that some, or all of your teachers are already appearing in the system, as we’ve pre-populated the data for any teachers where we know their location. If you notice any of your teachers are missing, you should add them. To add teachers to your employer portal, use the 'search for teachers' function, enter a teacher's details and click the ‘add’ button to link them to your school.

Checking a teacher's registration status

You can check whether a teacher is currently registered to teach and what type of registration they hold by:

  • accessing the register of teachers
  • viewing your ‘All Teachers’ list within the Portal (for teachers linked to your education setting)
  • asking to see the teacher's current VIT registration card (valid to the expiry date indicated on the card).