Videos: Watch how to become (fully) registered with the VIT

If you’re a provisionally registered teacher wanting to progress to (full) registration, there are 2 things you need to do:

  1. Complete at least 80 days of teaching
  2. Be recommended for (full) registration by a recommendation panel.

In this series of videos, we look at the second part of this process: what you need to present to the panel so that they will recommend you for (full) registration.

You can also watch Dawn Colcott, a teacher with over 30 years’ experience, answering frequently asked questions. Or watch the videos individually

Watch the full playlist of videos

How to become fully registered screenshot

Or watch the videos individually

Introduction: Watch ‘How to become fully registered – an overview’

Provides you with a brief overview of how the evidence-based process works.

1: Watch ‘What you need before you begin’

Ensures you’re fully prepared before you begin the process.  

2: Watch ‘How to choose the learners for your evidence based process’

Helps you select appropriate learners and learning environments to analyse as evidence of practice.

3: Watch ‘How to develop your inquiry question’

Explains how you should develop an inquiry question as the focus of your evidence-based practice.

4: Watch ‘How to work with your mentor or experienced colleague’

Provides advice on how to work effectively with your mentor or experienced colleague throughout the process.

5: Watch ‘How to develop and implement your action plan’

Explains how to make an effective action plan based on your inquiry question.

6: Watch ‘How to evaluate your practice’

Outlines how you can evaluate your practice after you’ve enacted your action plan.

7: Watch ‘How to present to the recommendation panel’

Helps you develop your presentation to the recommendation panel.

8: Watch ‘Other contexts’

Provides advice if you work in a non-traditional learning environment and are unsure how this process applies to your experience.