Accessing and using MyVIT


MyVIT is a secure online portal for accessing your registration information and services. Your MyVIT account will help you keep track of your application, complete your annual renewal and maintain your personal information.

Renewing your registration using MyVIT

When you first log in to MyVIT during the renewal period, you will be prompted to update your details.

This is to ensure you receive all the information and important updates during the annual renewal period and ongoing.

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Once you have updated your details, you will see the tasks that you need to complete:

1. Criminal Record Check consent form

If you need to update your criminal record check (CRC) this renewal period, completing a CRC consent form will be the first step to completing your renewal tasks.

Read more about the CRC.

2. Registration renewal form

All renewing teachers will need to complete the renewal form during the renewal period.

Professional practice

Part of your renewal process is making sure you meet and keep a record of the requirements for professional practice – days teaching, equivalent practice or educational leadership, and hours of professional development activities. 

Learn more about:

3. Payment amount due – outstanding

Online payment of your fees, depending on the tasks you need to complete, will be your last renewal task to complete.

View the schedule of fees

Updating your contact details
  • Log in to MyVIT
  • Select ‘Update My Profile’
  • Change the relevant contact details
  • Click ‘Update’
Resetting your password
  • Navigate to MyVIT
  • Select 'Forgot your password?'
  • Follow the prompts to create a new password
Accessing your account 

Your MyVIT username is the email address VIT has on file for you.

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