Registering as a non-practising teacher

If you are a teacher who holds (full) registration but are unable to meet the professional practice requirements for renewal of registration, we offer the option to register as non-practising.

Registering as non-practising will maintain your continued suitability and fitness to teach. 

To learn more about why you might wish to apply for non-practising, watch this video


Applying for non-practising

When you log into your MyVIT portal to complete your renewal of registration application, we ask you to make declarations about your continuing suitability to teach and your professional practice.

If you indicate on the online form that you have been unable to meet the requirement for days teaching and/or hours of professional development activities, we provide you with the option to apply for non-practising registration.

Your registration card

Once we have processed your application, your registration status will become non-practising at the expiry of your current registration on 30 September. Your registration card will indicate you:

  • are registered as non-practising
  • have a current National Police History Check
  • are exempt from the Victorian Working with Children Check.