MyVIT is a secure online portal for accessing your registration information and services. Your MyVIT account will help you keep track of your application, complete your annual renewal and maintain your personal information.

Using MyVIT

Discover the features of MyVIT and basic account management information.

My Applications

You can monitor the status of applications you have sent to us here or complete a saved form.

My Correspondence

You may be sent emails from us about your registration. You can check those in here.

My Events

We have a number of seminars and events that you can sign up for. Keep track of them here.


This is a handy tool where you can download and keep a record of your Professional Development activities for upcoming renewal or (full) registration.


You can access online forms here. These relate to your registration type and maintenance.

MyVIT opening screen - My applications, correspondence, events, MyPD, Forms. 

Updating your contact details
  • Log in to MyVIT.
  • Select ‘Update My Profile’.
  • Change the relevant contact details.
  • Click ‘Update’.
Resetting your password
  • Log in to MyVIT.
  • At the login screen, select 'Help: I forgot my password'.
  • Follow the prompts to create a new password.

You can reset your password here.

Accessing your account number

Your MyVIT account number is the same as your six-digit registration number. This is displayed on your invoice and your registration card, or you can search the public register.

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