Standards for accreditation of programs

Initial teacher education programs in Victoria are accredited by the VIT's Accreditation Committee.

National approach to accreditation

In 2011, a national approach to the accreditation of initial teacher education programs was agreed by all Australian jurisdictions and has two key objectives:

  • To improve teacher quality through continuous improvement of initial teacher education.
  • To maintain accountability of providers for their delivery of quality teacher education programs based on transparent and rigorous standards and accreditation processes.

Implemented in 2013, the national approach and the Australian accreditation standards are used in Victoria to accredit initial teacher education programs for preparing teachers.

Learn more about the national approach

If you are a provider of initial teacher education, we encourage you to email us at regarding the accreditation of programs.

Professional experience requirements

All initial teacher education providers establish school partnerships to ensure the delivery of a satisfactory professional experience component of their programs.