Regulatory services

We are strengthening our risk-based regulatory approach in undertaking core functions to enable VIT to respond to future challenges with agility and maturity.

What's the impact?

By strengthening our risk-based regulatory approach, VIT is afforded greater flexibility in meeting objectives and undertaking core functions.  

What have we done?

  • VIT has finalised its ‘Regulatory Approach’ to teacher registration.
  • Throughout 2018, VIT has increased assisted compliance for teachers to meet standards and prevent misconduct by: 
    • Delivering ‘Welcome to the Profession’ presentations to 7 out of 12 Initial Teacher Education providers.
    • Delivering 10 two-day ‘Effective Mentoring Program’ (EMP) seminars in metropolitan locations, and 7 two-day EMP seminars in regional locations, to a total of 628 school based teachers.
    • Delivering 4 two-day EMP seminars in metropolitan locations, and 7 two-day EMP seminars in regional locations, to a total of 214 early childhood teachers.
    • Delivering 27 ‘Supporting Provisionally Registered Teachers’ seminars to 2,335 provisionally registered teachers.
    • Issuing five Principal Circulars to principals of all Victorian schools.
    • Issuing three Early Childhood Circulars to Victorian Early Childhood Services.
    • Issuing quarterly Professional Practice Newsletters to all registered teachers.
  • VIT has developed a ‘VIT Investigations Accountability Framework’ (IAF) to establish the minimum standards for investigations conducted by VIT.
  • VIT’s Conduct and Compliance Unit has realigned work processes to streamline case management, thereby reducing duplication and improving notifier-experiences.

What's next?

  • VIT will finalise its Compliance and Enforcement Framework.
  • VIT will continue to reform its online registration processes and customer interfaces.
  • VIT will undertake an organisational restructure to incorporate new positions in the business and realign divisions to reflect their core function. 
  • VIT will continue to develop and refresh internal and external policies and procedures that align with our regulatory principles and reflect best practice.
  • VIT will develop intelligence-led data analytics to support the organisation and expand future-focused research activities.
  • VIT is developing a program to showcase leading practice in teacher quality.
  • VIT will recruit a Principal Practitioner to develop and maintain the necessary education and teaching expertise and capability to support the organisation deliver its functions.