Moving to (full) registration

If you are provisionally registered to teach in a school, the process of applying for (full) registration depends on whether or not you have completed prior teaching experience that is recognised by VIT. 

If you are provisionally registered to teach in an early childhood setting you need to apply as a PRT using the inquiry approach, unless you have experience as an early childhood teacher gained after 1 October 2015 when early childhood teacher registration commenced.

Videos: Watch how to become (fully) registered with VIT.

What is recognised experience? 

For teaching experience to be recognised by VIT it must be gained: 

  • after completing a teacher education qualification; and
  • within the five years prior to your application to VIT or since 1 October 2015 if you are an early childhood teacher.

Experience is only recognised by VIT if it meets these criteria AND if appropriate evidence is submitted to VIT for consideration and then accepted by VIT. 

PRTs without recognised teaching experience (e.g. graduates, most early childhood teachers)

If you are a PRT without any teaching experience recognised by the VIT (eg: graduate teachers and most early childhood teachers) you'll need to:

Learn how to gain registration as a PRT without prior experience.

PRTs with recognised teaching experience

If you are a PRT with at least 80 days of previous and recognised teaching experience (gained since 1 October 2015 if you are an early childhood teacher), you may be eligible to follow an alternative pathway to transition from provisional to (full) registration.

You'll need to:

  • provide evidence of your previous teaching experience and have this experience recognised by VIT;
  • [if the above experience was gained outside Australia or New Zealand] teach for at least another 80 days in an Australian or New Zealand school or early childhood service; and
  • complete the recommendation report process with your school via your MyVIT account, demonstrating you meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) at the Proficient Teacher level
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