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The VIT must conduct a preliminary assessment of all notifications and complaints that it receives. This process may include requesting information from the teacher, their current or former employer, and other sources.

Where does VIT get its information from?

The VIT receives notifications about registered teachers from Victoria Police, The Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP), and employers.

Victoria Police notify VIT if a teacher has been charged with, convicted, or found guilty of a Category A offence or a Category B offence.

The CCYP must notify VIT if a registered teacher is the subject of a reportable allegation or a finding of reportable conduct under the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005.

Employers must notify VIT if they have taken

  • disciplinary action against a registered teacher in response to allegations of serious incompetence, serious misconduct, or where the teacher may be unfit to be a registered teacher
  • action against a registered teacher because their ability to practise as a registered teacher is seriously detrimentally affected, or likely to be seriously detrimentally affected by an impairment, or
  • any other action that may be relevant to the registered teacher’s fitness to teach.

The VIT also receives complaints about registered teachers. These may be allegations about

  • misconduct or serious misconduct
  • being unfit to be a registered teacher
  • serious incompetence
  • impairments that seriously detrimentally affect the registered teacher’s ability to practise
  • charges, convictions or findings of guilt for category A offences or category B offences
  • Category C conduct
  • Working with Children (WWC) interim exclusion or WWC exclusion (previously known as an interim negative notice or negative notice) from Working with Children Check Victoria (WWCCV), and/or
  • disciplinary action taken by a person or body for whom the registered teacher undertakes work (including as a volunteer).
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What does VIT do when it receives a notification or complaint?

If VIT receives a notification or complaint about a registered teacher, it must conduct a preliminary assessment.

During the preliminary assessment, VIT may require further information from

  • the registered teacher who is the subject of the notification or complaint
  • the person or body who made the notification or complaint, and/or
  • any person who may have information relevant to the notification or complaint.

This additional information will help VIT understand the notification and complaint, and determine what further action may be required.

What happens at the end of a preliminary assessment?

At the end of a preliminary assessment, VIT may decide to conduct an investigation.

It may also decide to take other action. This may include

  • suspending the registration of the teacher
  • cancelling the registration of the teacher, or
  • using the information to help assess a pending application for registration.

The VIT may also decide not to take any further action. This may occur if the

  • notification or complaint is frivolous, misconceived or lacking in substance
  • person or body who made the notification or complaint has not provided the further information that has been requested, or
  • employer or another person has dealt adequately with the subject matter of the notification or complaint.

Last updated: 24 Aug 2023

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