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Registration card production stops during July and August due to the start of the new registration year.

There are a number of ways employers can support their teachers to seek and maintain registration.

Remind them to complete the annual registration process

All teachers, regardless of their registration category, are required to complete a series of annual registration tasks and pay their annual registration fee by 30 September each year in order to maintain their registration.

The VIT issues a range of notifications and reminders about the annual registration process in the lead up to 30 September. Employers can help ensure their teachers remain registered (and avoid a late fee!) by reminding them to complete annual registration tasks by the due date.

Visit the Annual registration page to find out more.

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If a teacher does not complete their annual registration tasks and make payment by 30 September each year, a late fee is applied and they are given a three-month grace period until 31 December. If they do not complete their annual registration tasks by 31 December, their registration may be expired or suspended and they will be removed from the Register of teachers. Visit the Annual registration page to find out more.

Support provisionally registered teachers moving to full registration

Graduate teachers, overseas trained teachers and those re-entering the profession after an extended period away are granted provisional registration for a period of two (2) years. During this time, it is expected that provisionally registered teachers (PRTs) will move to full registration.

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Please note that as provisionally registered teachers have approval expiry dates that differ from the annual registration due date (30 September), their registration can be expired and they can be removed from the Register of teachers at any stage throughout the year. As such, it is important that employers monitor their teachers’ expiry dates throughout the year via their ‘all teachers’ list.

While practices may vary across workplaces, it is expected that employers will

Useful Resource

Check out VIT's Workplace Panel Guide for more information about how a Workplace Panel is formed to support PRTs moving to full registration.

Visit the Moving to full registration page to find out more about this process.

Initiate applications for permission to teach

Before an individual can apply for a grant of permission to teach (PTT), the employer wishing to fill a position through a grant of PTT must first initiate a PTT application.

The VIT will assess this application to ensure it meets the Permission to Teach Policy before advising an individual they can apply.

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Please note: PTT grants are not available to early childhood teachers.

Those granted PTT are not registered as qualified teachers as they have not yet completed an approved initial teacher education (ITE) qualification.

Visit the Permission to teach page to find out more.

Employers can initiate an application for Permission to teach via the Employer portal.

Assist with teacher audits

When a teacher undertakes the annual registration process, they make legally binding self-declarations about the maintenance of their professional practice as well as their continuing suitability and fitness to teach.

To ensure compliance with legislation, VIT conducts audits which require teachers to verify declarations made in their annual registration application.

A teacher may ask their principal or early childhood leader to provide a signed letter or statement of service on official letterhead to assist them to validate their claims in respect to days teaching, equivalent practice or educational leadership.

Teachers who obtain casual relief teaching positions through a teaching agency may also request a signed letter or statement of service on official letterhead from the agency.

Visit the Audits page to find out more about the auditing process.

Last updated: 14 Jun 2024

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