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Whether a teacher is new to the teaching profession and wishes to apply for registration, or they are already registered with VIT (including non-practising registration), they will be required to pay an annual fee to keep their registration status active.

In accordance with the Education and Training Reform Act 2006, the following fees concerning teacher registration have been fixed by the Minister for Education (see Ministerial Order 1425).

Teacher registration fees in Victoria remain among the lowest in Australia and New Zealand, and may be tax-deductible.


Visit the Who needs to register? page to learn more about why VIT registration so important for the teaching profession.

Registration fees

Description 2023-24
Initial registration (applicants with Victorian qualifications) / permission to teach pursuant to sections 2.6.7(2), 2.6.12A(2)* and 2.6.13(2) $152.88
Initial registration (applicants with interstate or overseas qualifications) / permission to teach pursuant to sections 2.6.7(2) and 2.6.13(2)* $176.80
Application for second registration pursuant to sections 2.6.7(2), 2.6.12A(2) and 2.6.77A $36.40
Annual registration/renewal of registration if paid by 30 September pursuant to sections 2.6.18 and 2.6.21** $114.40
Annual registration/renewal of registration if paid from 1 October to 31 December which incorporates the late processing fee/additional fee pursuant to sections 2.6.18 and 2.6.21** $150.80
Annual registration /Renewal of registration for second registration pursuant to sections 2.6.18, 2.6.21 and 2.6.77A** $26
National criminal history check (known as the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check) pursuant to section 2.6.22A(3) $65.52
Late processing fee/additional fee pursuant to sections 2.6.18 and 2.6.21 $36.40
Replacement of registration card processing fee pursuant to section 2.6.4(2)(g) $26
Application for approval/renewal of approval of a program or course as an initial teacher education program pursuant to sections 2.6.6D and 2.6.6F $2,912
Application for approval/renewal of approval of a program or course as a pathway program pursuant to sections 2.6.6N and 2.6.6P $2,912
Application for endorsement/renewal of endorsement of a continuing education program pursuant to sections 2.6.6X and 2.6.6Z $2,912
Statement of good standing pursuant to section 2.6.4(2)(g) $52
*   There may be an additional cost for a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check.
**  The annual registration fee is payable where registration is not due for renewal. In all other cases the renewal fee applies.

Making a payment

Teachers can pay their fees online using a debit/credit card only. This is done via the their MyVIT account.

Fees are paid as part of an online application. As such, VIT is unable to process payments when credit card information is sent via email or fax.

Teachers should keep in mind the following points before they pay their fees 

  • where a fee is payable for a period less than 12 months, or between 13 and 14 months, we will calculate it on a pro-rata basis
  • we only accept payment in Australian dollars (AUD) by a debit / credit card via the teacher's MyVIT account.

Late processing fees 

If a teacher makes payment after 30 September, a late processing fee will be applied.

We may consider exempting the late processing fee if a teacher has experienced extended ill health.

We are unable to consider an exemption from the late processing fee if a teacher

  1. changes their email or postal address but fails to notify us
  2. experiences financial hardship
  3. travels during the annual registration period
  4. has no computer or internet access.

If a teacher believes they meet the criteria for an exemption, VIT advises they pay the fee and makes contact to discuss the situation to ensure registration is not delayed.

Unfortunately, VIT is unable to consider applications for an exemption submitted prior to 1 October.

Tax receipts

Upon payment, applicants are prompted to view or download a copy of their receipt. These can be viewed and/or downloaded through the teacher’s MyVIT account by navigating to the 'view applications' tile. Right-click the down arrow (on the far right side) of the relevant application and select ‘View receipt’. 

To request a copy of pre-2020 invoices for tax-purposes, please contact us

It is also legally acceptable to use an annual registration invoice as a tax receipt. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission states that “a receipt can come in the form of a GST tax invoice.


All application fees and renewal fees are non-refundable.

We will only consider refunds if

  • teachers cease their registration (via their MyVIT account) and their registration card has been received prior to 1 January of that annual registration period (the annual registration period is from 1 October to 30 September)
  • the VIT charged the applicant incorrectly
  • the deceased estate requests a refund – contact us.

Read the Refund Policy for more information.

Cross Border Policy for Waiver of Fees

Applications for waiver of the annual registration fee can be considered on the grounds that a person seeks to continue to hold their registration or be granted registration under the following criteria.

Inter-governmental agreement and approved exchange programs

Applicants who are on an approved exchange program from interstate or overseas or who are teaching in Victoria as part of a formal inter-government agreement and who will be working as teachers in Victoria for a limited period, are not required to pay either the application fee or annual registration fees.

Teachers maintaining accreditation in NSW – working in Victoria

If a person who is an accredited teacher in New South Wales (NSW) wishes to also work in Victoria, the VIT’s annual fee will be waived while the teacher maintains accreditation in NSW.

The teacher must apply for registration in Victoria and make payment in the usual way, complete an Application for waiver of fees form, attach a certified copy of their NSW Accreditation and submit the form via email.

This policy follows a reciprocal agreement between the VIT and the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) to allow teachers who reside near the NSW-Victorian border to have flexibility to work in both jurisdictions without having to pay annual fees in both states.

Last updated: 09 Oct 2023

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