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The VIT has a range of resources available to teachers and early childhood teachers.

How to use your MyVIT account

MyVIT is an online portal for all teachers registered to teach in Victoria.

A teacher’s MyVIT account allows them to register for and maintain their registration, update their details, log professional learning activities and more.

Visit the FAQs page to find out more information about how to use MyVIT.


Click here for a range of helpful videos, including information about submitting new applications and how to complete the annual registration process.

Updating my contact, employment and other details

Under legislation, teachers are required to notify VIT within 30 days about any changes to their contact or employment details. This includes

  • the name of any school or early childhood service where they are employed
  • any changes to their contact details, and
  • any change of name, accompanied by official evidence of name change (such as a marriage certificate or deed poll - visit the Proof of identity page for a list of accepted documentation).

These changes can be made via the ‘My details’ tile in the teacher’s MyVIT account.

Teachers must also notify VIT within 30 days if they have been committed for trial, found guilty or convinced of

  • a Category A offence
  • a Category B offence
  • an indictable offence, or
  • an unlawful assault or aggravated assault.

Visit the Teacher conduct and suitability page to teach page to find out more.

Icon Important Info

If you have changed your place of employment, ensure you notify VIT if your email address has also changed.

Recording my professional learning activities

MyPD is an online tool for teachers to record their professional learning activities.

It is not compulsory for teachers to use MyPD for their own records. However, if they are randomly selected for auditing purposes or are returning from non-practising registration, teachers will be asked to use this tool to record their PD and its relevance to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST).

Teachers can access MyPD via their MyVIT account by selecting the ‘MyPD’ tile. They can enter a new activity by selecting the ‘Add PD’ button and entering the following details about each activity

  • registration year (simply filter by the registration year and it will show you how many PD hours you have completed in that year)
  • date of activity
  • title
  • description of the activity
  • a reflection about the learning from the activity by answering two questions
    • what have your learnt from this PD activity and how does it link to the relevant APST you have selected?
    • how will you apply your learning from this PD activity to your practice to improve learning outcomes? 
  • PD type
  • duration
  • one or more of the relevant APST which the activity relates to.

For convenience, teachers can export their professional development activities into a PDF and upload certificates, notes or other related documentation before saving the activity.

Icon Important Info

Please note that these attachments are not retrievable and are only for the purpose of providing evidence for audits or returning from non-practising requirements.

Guides, forms and templates

Teachers can find a range of resources to assist them with registering to teach and maintaining their registration below.

Teachers moving from provisional to full registration can also find a number of resources on the Moving to full registration page.

Registration process

Guides for CRTs

Useful Resource

Need help finding information about registration matters? Use our handy Registration Helper tool to quickly and easily find information about what registration category you may be eligible to apply for, how to maintain or change your current registration, or how to apply for a new registration.

Keep up with the latest news

The VIT distributes a range of regular stakeholder communications, including

  • Professional Practice e-newsletter (issued to all registered teachers)
  • Principal Circular (issued to all schools)
  • Early Childhood Circular (issued to all early childhood services)
  • CRT Circular (issued to teachers who have identified as CRTs)
  • PRT Circular (issued to all PRTs)
  • ITE Circular (issued to Victorian ITE providers and passed on to ITE students).

The latest edition of these communications can be found on the Circulars and newsletters page.


Please note that teachers are automatically subscribed to the Professional Practice e-newsletter upon gaining registration. The VIT regularly issues communications on important matters that may affect teacher registration. It is the responsibility of all registered teachers and their employers to read communications and ensure they are up to date with any potential changes to legislation or their registration. Registered teachers and their employers are, therefore, unable to unsubscribe from email communications from VIT.

We also publish videos and podcasts on a large range of topics, from how to use our various portals to preparing for VIT’s Inquiry process. You can find the full list on the Videos and podcasts page.

Last updated: 07 Mar 2024

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