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Registration Helper logo Registration Helper What registration do I need?

Teachers who hold current registration with VIT are exempt from requiring a Working with Children (WCC) clearance (previously called a Working with Children Check or WWCC).

However, teachers are required to notify Working with Children Check Victoria (WWCCV) if they engage in any paid or voluntary child-related work (other than their teaching), including information about

  • the person or organisation that employs them to engage in child-related work, or
  • any agency which they are listed as available to engage in child-related work.

Read our FAQs page for more information.

What if I do other child-related work other than teaching?

Any registered teacher who undertakes any child-related work (this includes paid employment and voluntary work) that is not teaching in a school or an early childhood service is required to notify WWCCV of the person or organisation or agency by whom they are engaged for that child-related work.

Child-related work is work that usually involves direct contact with a child or children, in particular services, places, bodies or activities. It does not include occasional direct contact with children that is incidental to the work.

Direct contact with children includes activity that involves

  • physical contact
  • face-to-face contact
  • contact by post or other written communication
  • contact by telephone or other oral communication, or
  • contact by email or other electronic communication

Particular services, places, bodies or activities include but are not limited to

  • child care services
  • children’s services and education and care services
  • educational institutions
  • accommodation services specifically provided for students in connection with student exchange programs
  • cultural, recreational or sporting clubs, associations or movements
  • religious organisations
  • babysitting or child minding services
  • fostering children
  • coaching or tuition services, or
  • businesses providing
    • entertainment or party services for children
    • gym or play facilities for children
    • photography services specifically for children, or
    • talent and beauty competitions held for children.

More information about child-related work can be found on the WWCCV website.

Check out the FAQs page for more information on how VIT’s assessments align with the way WWCCV assesses whether a person can be issued with a WWC clearance.

Last updated: 16 Aug 2023

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