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Registration Helper logo Registration Helper What registration do I need?

It is essential that teachers understand the conduct and suitability requirements they must meet in order to be and remain registered. This includes understanding

  • their obligation to report teacher conduct matters to VIT and how to do so, and
  • what happens if they fail to meet these obligations
  • what happens if a complaint or notification is made about them.

What do teachers need to report to VIT?

To assist VIT in monitoring their ongoing suitability, teachers are required to notify VIT (via their MyVIT account) within 30 days of the following

  1. any change to their name
  2. any change to their contact details (email, phone and address)
  3. when they commence and cease employment at a school or early childhood service, or
  4. if they are committed for trial, or have been convicted or found guilty of
    • a Category A or Category B offence
    • an indictable offence
    • a common assault, or
    • an aggravated assault.

The VIT may also receive information about a teacher’s suitability from other sources such as Victoria Police, The Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP), Working with Children Victoria (WWCV), the teacher’s employer or a member of the public.

What happens if VIT receives complaint or notification about me?

The VIT may investigate notifications and complaints that relate to allegations against a teacher

  • of misconduct or serious misconduct
  • of serious incompetence
  • of lack of fitness, or
  • that their mental or physical ability to teach is seriously detrimentally affected, or likely to be seriously detrimentally affected, by an impairment.

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Last updated: 19 Jul 2021

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