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There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic (COVID 19) has impacted the way teachers, schools and early childhood services are working and supporting their learners; many teachers are now working in an online learning environment.

The VIT understands that most teachers will have already undertaken significant professional learning to find new ways of teaching (navigating new programs, building digital lessons and assessments, team teaching), and we encourage teachers to continue developing their skills in teaching and learning in an online setting. These skills are not only timely for our current situation, they will be useful going forward - the lessons learned through this experience are likely to encourage the use of online learning as a tool into the future.

Professional learning

As a registered teacher or early childhood teacher, you are required to engage in at least 20 hours of professional development (PD) activities each year in order to renew your registration. Professional learning can be undertaken in a variety forms, including webinars, online modules, professional conversations, professional readings and research.

Remember, after engaging in a professional development activity take the time to reflect on how the learning will impact your teaching. Ask yourself the following questions

  • what have you learned that you can use to develop your teaching knowledge and / or practice? 
  • how have you / will you apply your learnings to your teaching practice?
  • what impact has / will the new knowledge have on learning outcomes?


To support your professional learning to work in an online setting, you may find the following resources helpful.


Please note that the following are independent resources and were not developed by or in collaboration with VIT.

General resources, professional reading, webinars and online learning


More information

AITSL - What Works in Online/Distance Teaching and Learning?

This Spotlight identifies best practice evidence to guide teachers on setting up online learning and advice teachers can give to parents during this process. Key consideration is given to principles demonstrated to benefit student outcomes and wellbeing. As such, this Spotlight is written from the perspective of teachers.
How to access learning from home for teachers and school leaders (for government schools) Here’s how you can best prepare your students for learning at home, so they can excel during the school closures. 
FUSE – resources for online learning This website provides Victorian Government teachers with access to resources for all stages of learning. Explore featured resources and browse resources aligned to the Victorian Curriculum.
Wakelet – Continuity of learning online: Learning from home resources A visual collection of resources, knowledge, stories and links to continuity of learning.
eSafety Commissioner - COVID 19: keeping schools and learning safe online As schools around Australia increase their participation in online learning, it’s important to factor in the online safety of staff, students and the wider school community. eSafety has pulled together some top tips and resources to help school leaders with this mission. Advice is directed at classroom teachers.
eSafety Commissioner – classroom resources Discover eSafety's range of classroom resources. Use the handy filters to select content for the education level and topic most relevant to your students.
ACARA – Digital technologies in focus (resources) The Digital Technologies in focus (DTiF) project has been designed to encourage whole-school and inter-school collaboration.
Teacher Magazine - Delivering remote learning Listen to this episode of Teacher Staffroom which discusses how education across the world has changed and affected our continuation of learning.
Teacher Magazine - Digital learners and digital citizens – learning remotely and safely Read this article on remote learning which a focus on the challenges for teachers.
The Conversation: Coronavirus: 14 simple tips for better online teaching This article about designing online education includes 14 quick tips to make online teaching better, from an online learning expert.
TNL - publications and readings Access a range of articles to support online learning and education
CRTPD Free online professional learning for casual relief teachers
Teacher Learning Network (membership required) The Teacher Learning Network (TLN) provides high quality professional development for teachers, leaders and staff in early childhood, primary and secondary settings.
Independent Schools Victoria – isLearn isLearn is a professional learning hub with world class contemporary learning designed with and for independent schools.

Last updated: 29 Mar 2023

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